From the Ish Creamery:

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “What made you decide to open an ice cream shop?”
The honest answer to this question is, “It was never really about ice cream.” What we wanted to do was create a place in Ishpeming where people could gather and have a conversation. So we focused on building that space and hoped really good ice cream would draw people here to enjoy it and each other.
To say that has happened would be an understatement. One of the staff this summer looked outside and asked me if I ever wanted to cry when I saw how many people were gathered outside. I did but at the time I was often too busy inside to truly appreciate it.
Yesterday it was so hot people started to gather inside to escape the heat. An older gentleman came in and sat at the table eating his ice cream alone. A family was next in line and they joined him while they all ate. Before long he was telling them stories about his wife and time in the service. Watching them all together and witnessing the true kindness and compassion they showed him was amazing. It reminded me of exactly why we opened this place.
Thank you to that family and to everyone who has come for ice cream and stayed for a conversation. The world needs more of this. We hope you’ll all continue to gather here to be part of it…and yes we’ll be open all year so you can do just that.

GOOD NEWS. You don’t have to go to the Ish Creamery on race day… they’re coming to us. Look for em’ at the finish line, eh!