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You can’t finish the 100 in 12-hours or less. If you do, we’ll give ya a belt buckle and a one-dollar bill.


We do not offer aid stations. Been that way since day-one. In our eyes you are on your own, no one is out there to save you, and if there is an emergency you need to dial 911. Show up ready to go self-supported and pray for trail magic.


Here’s a quick refresher on checkpoints.
1. They will be located directly on the route.
2. You will collect a token from each of them.
3. You won’t know how many there are.
4. You won’t know where they are.
5. You need to present them at the finish line to be a #finisher.
6. If you don’t have all of them – DQ.


Will not be available until race week. You can hunt down the 2019 file if you wanna look at the most recent iteration, or use it to pre-ride the course.

And, YES, GPS is required. Signs fall down, blow away, or bears eat them, and people pull them down. The gpx-file and a device of your choice will keep you on track if the signage fails you. If you choose not to use one and things don’t go to plan… you know the drill… don’t blame us.


Course signage is your primary navigational tool. We’ll put out more than 5,000 signs before race day, but you have to remember signs fall down, the wind blows them away,  bears eat them, or people pull them down. That’s why we give you a gpx file and require you to use it. In the event you get off-course the gps will bring you back – assuming you know how to use it. We’ll spend the better part of a week preparing the course and double checking signage, but you still need to be prepared for worse case scenarios.


This is the part where we sound like a broken record. Marji Gesick is a unique ultra event. Not only do we not operate aid stations, we don’t put volunteers on every corner and road crossing. Racers MUST follow road rules at all times. Respect other racers and motor vehicle traffic, even ATV vehicles you might see on the two-track connectors. No one is out there helping you make good life choices. Be alert. Have your head on a swivel.


Bring em to the start line. We’ll move em’ to Jackson Park. ONE BAG (22 x 14 x 9) per racer. Keep an eye out for updates on this topic as we move closer to the race.


Forestville is absolute chaos on Saturday morning, so don’t act like we didn’t warn ya if you try to show up just before 7:30 and you can’t get anywhere near the pole barn. If getting to the line on time is a challenge, you’re in for a looooong day, eh! We highly recommend getting out there by 5:30am, six at the latest. Again, we warned ya! Camping is not allowed in the Forestville parking lot. The Forestville campground itself is available to Marji Gesick participants starting on Friday on a first-come, first-served basis and that is the only place at Forestville where camping is allowed. The campground rules apply. Familiarize yourself with them.

Downtown is beautiful and full of parking opportunities, but it’s on you to figure them out. Get there early. We’ll be staging racers between East Washington and Main Street, right on the road (Lakeshore Boulevard) in front of the Ore Dock (not the Brewery). It’s gonna be great, as long as you’re not late. Also, overnight parking is not allowed in most of downtown Marquette’s public parking so make a plan.


Friday, 100-Mile Run @ 12:00pm

Saturday, 50-Mile Run @ 7:00am

Saturday, 100-Mile Bike @ Duathlon @ 7:30am

Saturday, 50-Mile Bike @ 8:00am

Saturday, Mini Marji @ 10:00am


Forestville NTN Pole Barn: 100-Mile Bike, Run & Duathlon

Lakeshore Blvd, in front of the Ore Dock: Downtown Marquette

Jackson Mine Park: Mini-Marji 


100-MILE RUNNERS @ TBD, Thursday Night 5-8pm.

EVERYONE ELSE @ Blackrocks Brewery , Friday Night 5-8pm.


Transfers are done. Category changes are done. You cannot change categories or make transfers.




Are there Aid Stations?2019-04-24T19:54:28+00:00


Does my event begin with a LeMans Start?2019-06-10T17:25:09+00:00

The 100-mile bike and the duathlon event both begin with a .5 mile run.

What is a LeBike?2019-06-10T18:17:37+00:00

It’s the opposite of a LeMans start where riders run to their bikes. In this case, you bike 0.5 miles to your run. Bring your own bike and helmet.

How am I supposed to make it to the finish line without aid stations?2019-04-24T19:57:33+00:00

Have a plan. Be prepared. Bring the right gear. Bring enough food.

How are drop bags handled?2019-06-10T18:19:20+00:00

Bring your drop bag to the race start line. Give it to race staff. They will move it to Jackson Park for you.

Out & Back racers can leave a drop bag at Forestville for Saturday morning.

What is Jackson Park and where is it?2019-06-10T21:10:34+00:00

Jackson Park is located at
199 Tobin ST
Negaunee, MI 49866

Your drop bags will be there.

It’s on the race courses at the following mileages:
100 mile events @roughly miles 65 and 85
50 mile events @roughly mile 15 and 35

Who picks me up if i quit?2019-04-24T20:10:58+00:00

Hopefully you have family or friends along.

What should I do if I or someone else is hurt?2019-04-24T20:11:35+00:00

Call 911!

Can I use an E-bike?2019-04-26T17:19:10+00:00


I heard there’s actually a lot of aid from the locals. True?2019-04-24T20:11:56+00:00

The race does not operate aid stations or provide support. What someone else does or does not do is out of our control. If you show up expecting help from someone you are making a grave mistake.

Who should I Blame?2019-04-24T20:12:18+00:00

Blame Todd or Blame Danny.

Why is GPS mandatory?2019-04-24T20:12:47+00:00

GPS is mandatory because no one can control what is going to happen to the signs we put up. With GPS, regardless of what the weather does to the course or other variables outside our control, you can still navigate and finish the race.

What is the “Self-Supported Ethos”?2019-04-24T21:08:44+00:00

You are on your own.

GPS is required.

In the event of an emergency call 911.

Road Rules apply.

You MAY accept outside nutrition & hydration assistance.

You may NOT cache anything in the woods trailside.

You may NOT accept mechanical assistance (from anyone but another rider).

There are NO race operated aid-stations.

Your bike is to be human-powered, with no level of assistance

Who is your Timing service?2019-04-24T21:11:29+00:00

Superior Timing

What happens if i lose a checkpoint item?2019-04-24T21:11:09+00:00

You will not be eligble for cash or buckles without all the chips.

Where will the checkpoints be?2019-04-24T21:10:43+00:00

Undisclosed locations.

What do we collect at the checkpoints?2021-09-03T21:57:29+00:00


Can I transfer my registration?2021-09-03T21:57:00+00:00

Yes, until August 1st.

Can I get a refund?2019-04-24T21:12:32+00:00


Can I change my race?2021-09-03T21:56:29+00:00
Until August 1st
What is the suggested equipment?2019-04-24T21:13:06+00:00
  • Bike choice: choose what you are most comfortable and confident riding.
  • Tire choice: something with side wall protection and some tread.
  • Gps: Garmin units are the best and only units we can/will troubleshoot.
  • Backup battery: external battery for your phone and garmin
  • Appropriate charging cables for your phone and garmin
  • Lights: bar mount, handlebar mount. Have backup lights available
  • Tools: multi-tool, chain breaker, master link, tire lever, tubes, patches
  • Hydration pack
  • Food
  • Water
  • Change of clothes
  • Rain shell
  • Emergency blanket
  • Cash or debit card
Will there be beer at the finish line?2019-04-24T21:17:21+00:00

Does a Yooper live in da UP?

Will there be food at the finish line?2019-06-10T18:29:18+00:00


Are there cash prizes?2021-09-03T21:55:32+00:00


What is the belt buckle cut-off?2019-10-10T14:07:07+00:00

12-hours (100-mile bike)
22-hours (Duathlon)
28-hours (100-mile run)
30-hours (Out & Back)


It’s all about community.

906 Adventure Team is a 501c3 Non-Profit based in Marquette, Michigan. Since 2014 we have been creating outdoor adventure experiences for youth through Adventure Bike Club and events like Polar Roll, The Crusher, and Marji Gesick. Our take on life is pretty simple – it’s an adventure. In life (and adventure) stuff doesn’t always go to plan. Things go wrong. Bad things happen to good people and you don’t overcome it by complaining or pointing fingers. The truth is adversity brings out the best of us – by taking us down unknown paths to find it. 


906 Adventure Team uses revenue from the events to support trail organizations and create more youth Adventure Teams. 


The Marji Gesick will donate $27,000 to local trails this year, bringing total trail donations since 2015 to $216,000. 


In 2022, with the help of corporate partners, we invested $40,000 in youth programs for three new Adventure Team communities. Resilience, confidence, community, and a sense of belonging have never been more important than it is for kids today. Adventure Teams help them “find their people”, the way you feel like you’ve found yours at Marji. 


We want you to know when you support 906 Adventure Team and the events you’re making life better here in Marquette County and in communities across the Midwest. 

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