Incident and Emergency Plan


This race operates as a self-supported adventure. Road rules apply. The race does not operate aid stations. Volunteers do not cover road crossings. Racers are on their own and must fend for themselves. They can receive food/water from friends or family but no other assistance is permissible unless received from a fellow racer (mechanical).
Racer Director: Todd Poquette, 906-748-0034 or

Course Officials (responsibilities):

  1. Provide a properly signed course.
  2. Provide accurate GPX files for race day.
  3. Advise racers of the self-supported ethos and potential risks and danger associated with the event.
  4. Locate racer drop bags at the race transition point in Negaunee (Jackson Mine Park).
  5. Provide accurate and up to date information in the weeks leading up to the race.
  6. Respond to and answer racer questions leading up to the race – on race day racers are on their own.
  7. Notify local law enforcement agencies, central dispatch and search and rescue of race operations the weekend of the event.


Allocation of Resources:

  1. The race is self-supported. In the event of an emergency all participants have been instructed to dial 911. All participants have been instructed to come prepared and fend for him/herself.
  2. Mobile phones with all race officials on racecourse.
  3. Race plates: allocated to participants before the event.
  4. Race sweep to confirm the course is clear of riders.
  5. Race plates contain a contact number in the event of a mechanical, an injury or decision to quit.
  6. The race officials use timing pads to help them narrow the location of active racers.

Cut-off time

  1. There will be a cutoff at 2:00am Sunday morning in Jackson Park. 

Search and Rescue:

  1. All emergency response will be handled by Marquette County Search and Rescue.
  2. In case of emergency all calls will be directed to 911 with central dispatch handling asset coordination.
  3. Racers are advised ROAD RULES APPLY.

GPX File

The event will provide a GPX file for participants to use as a primary source of navigation in the event signs are pulled down or they happen to get lost. Participants are advised GPS units are required and the race director assumes no responsibility for those who fail to follow the rules.

Event and Traffic Management Signage

Marji Gesick course signage, traffic management signage and safety signage will be strategically placed throughout the course route. Signage will be up the day prior to the event and removed the day following the event. All racers will be advised “Road Rules” apply – traffic will not stop for racers, bikes must yield to traffic.

We cannot stress enough that signage can be torn down, blow down or be eaten by wild animals. We cannot guarantee the presence of signage on race day.  All participants are advised to bring working GPS units and an ability to manage their navigation needs. They are also advised road rules apply and that they must obey all traffic laws on course.

Competitor Briefing

Athletes will be briefed prior to the race start.

Race brief will include course details; identify known hazards, race rules and emergency procedures. In the event of a significant injury, athletes are to use their phone to contact 911. In the event of no coverage they should relay information to a competitor or someone on course who can assist them.

Volunteer Briefing

Volunteers will be briefed prior to the race. Race brief will include course details; identify known course hazards, race rules and emergency procedures. In the event of a significant injury they will be advised to contact 911.


The sole person to communicate to the media will be the race director.

Emergency Access for Medical Professionals

Course design allows access for emergency medical staff and emergency vehicles at several points throughout the route. Search and Rescue will determine what form of assistance/evacuation is required.

In the event of an accident or injury

  1. All race participants will be notified at the race briefing that if an accident occurs, to contact 911 or a race course official who will then contact 911 and notify them of the accident, location and circumstances.
  2. Non-threatening or minor injuries should be reported directly to the Race Director or other another course official.


Aid Station are not provided by the race. The race is Self-Supported. Road Rules apply.

Self Supported Ethos

The Marji Gesick is operated as Self Supported. Competitors have been told no one is out there to save them, they are on their own and they need to be fully prepared to coordinate their personal support. Support from family and friends will be allowed but will not be facilitated in any way by the race committee. The MG100 is an adventure race and only those individuals fully aware of and comfortable with the potential risks of such an endurance event should attempt.

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