Do we move drop bags? Yes for the 50, 100, and Duathlon events.
Is there a limit to the number and size of drop bags? Yes – you are allowed one average sized duffel bag.
Where is Jackson Park? 199 Tobin Street, Negaunee, MI 49866
You’ll be provided a drop bag tag at packet pickup. Clearly mark your drop bag with the tag provided (Your name, Bib number). Bring your drop bag to the start. Find the drop bag volunteers. Give them the bag. Your bag will be moved to Jackson Park.
You’ll have access to your drop bag twice. For 100-mile and Duathlon folks the mileage markers are approximately 65-miles and 85-miles. For 50-mile folks 15-miles and 35-miles. Remember… mileage is approximate.
When you arrive at Jackson Park volunteers will find your drop bag for you. Return your drop bag to the volunteers when you’re done with it. Let them know if you have one more loop or if you’re headed to the finish line. Your drop bag will be waiting for you when you come through the second time or at the finish line. If you do not tell us to move your bag to the finish line it will sit at Jackson Park.