Jimmy signed up to do Marji but then he didn’t train enough so he transferred out. Jimmy told one of his buddies to show up and take his plate – just pretend you’re me he laughed. What’s the big deal? So his buddy showed up and pretended to be Jimmy. He took off from Forestville Saturday morning and no one knew the difference.
Fast forward to Sunday morning around 4:00am. By now most of the field had finished or quit and gone home, but a short list of bibs remained. Jimmy was on that list. Volunteers called him. Sent him texts messages. Found him on Facebook and sent a private message. No response until later that day – when he told us he didn’t show up. His friend? He quit before South Trails and went home – and didn’t let us know.
If we find out you raced under someone else’s bib you won’t race Marji again. It’s that simple. It comes down to integrity. If ya didn’t get in the right way don’t try again next year. For you it may seem like no big deal but for the volunteers who will spend 24-36 hours managing the event and making sure everyone gets home in one piece… it’s a very big deal.