Race Week Update

Another one bites the dust

September 18th, 2019

Final course preparation is wrapping up. You should find the trails full of rocks and debris and most of the arrows pointing you in the right direction.

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TEXT #QUITTER and your RACE NUMBER to 231-645-7619 if you quit, suffer a mechanical, or begin crying uncontrollably.

The phone number has been written on the back of your race place too, mostly because the statement printed on the front is completely illegible. If you drop, let us know.

Highway 41 crossing & Lowes Retail Complex

If you have been following along you know there is a huge construction project underway on the west end of Marquette directly in front of Lowes. The race is passing directly through this area. We have been in communication with Marquette Township and MDOT since early this spring.

Racers:  Exercise caution while navigating through the retail centers. Road rules apply. Watch for a variety of arrows and ground flags – follow them. Please be safe and courteous as you pass. Get to the tunnel and through the area as quickly as possible.

Spectators: We need your help minimizing congestion in this area – please stay away from the retail center and tunnel. If you would like to see your racer, or racers in general, find a new viewing area this year.

Timing Service

Superior Timing is our official timing vendor. We have timing pads placed throughout the course to help family and friends keep track of racer progress. For example: You will know when they have crossed the timing pad near Lowes (25-miles), South Trails (40-miles), Jackson Park etc.

Final GPX files

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Included in this update you will find links to the 2019 final GPX files. Make sure you remove any old files and replace them with the most current release. Remember: GPS is your backup nav, not primary! You should only have to use it in the event something happened to course signage, or you end up in the Huron Mountains.

Signs: Final reminder

Signs are intended to be your primary navigation aid. You should only need to use your GPS in the event signage falls down, is taken down, or eaten by a bear.

Blue arrows: Are for Out & Back ONLY. They point toward Marquette.

Red Arrows: Are the primary navigation tool for all of other races. They point toward Ishpeming.

Packet Pick-up: You cannot get your packets early.

*** Fun fact: In a recent study 99% of race directors reported being supremely annoyed when asked repeatedly what time packet pickup is and where when all of that information has been provided. Read what we send you!

Weather & Proper gear: A safety note

The forecast is showing temps in the mid-seventies and a potential for rain. When the sun goes down Saturday night it’s going to get cold. Overnight temps are currently showing low-sixties but a lot can change between now and then. You are going to be tired, calorie depleted, and spending a lot of time in the dark. Come prepared. Layer clothing. We had a guy end up in the medical tent last year going hypothermic. You gotta be prepared.

Food Trucks, Restaurants and Bars

Food trucks will be available at the finish line, and if everything works out, we’ll even have one at Jackson Mine Park this year. In addition to the trucks, we encourage you to visit local restaurants such as Jackson Pit (Negaunee), Midtown Bakery (Negaunee), Chappers (Negaunee), Congress Pizzas (Ishpeming), Bucks Restaurant (Ishpeming), Jack’s TeePee (Ishpeming).

Oh, and don’t forget the beer tent at the finish line, featuring Blackrocks Brewery and Cognition Brewing.

Camping & Parking at Forestville

Camping= Rustic Campground ONLY. No overnight camping in the parking lot or anywhere else on the property.

Parking= We suggest you arrive to Forestville and Marquette Mountain EARLY. Parking will be tight and you may need to get creative. We encourage you to carpool or ride your bike to the start. Allow yourself plenty of time to get there!

Hidden Checkpoints and Tokens

Checkpoints are hidden throughout the course – we will not tell you how many there are. They are located directly on course, you cannot miss them. Grab a token from each checkpoint, put it in a safe place, and present ALL of them to volunteers at the finish line. You WILL be disqualified if you do not have all of your tokens.

Cash Awards, Buckles

  • Overall category winners receive a $1.00 bill.
  • Reference the event website for buckle cutoff times.
  • Please note: 12-hours is 12-hours. If we start two-minutes early, you have 12-hours from that time etc.


  • You will need them. Some people use them at the start (for events starting before 8:00am). If you plan to finish, you’ll need them. Bring more than one.


  • Not provided. You are responsible for you to get yourself to the race start and back home again. Suggestion: bring a friend.

Drop Bags

*** Note: All drop bags must be labeled with your last name and bib number on the tag provided to you. We will not accept bags that have not been tagged.

  • You are allowed one drop bag. The drop bag can be no larger than a small gym (duffel) bag. We will not take more than one bag. We will not take large coolers etc.
  • You will see your Jackson Mine Park drop bag twice during the race at the following approximate mileage markers. 100-Mile at 60 and 85-miles, 50-Mile at 18 and 43-miles.
  • Drop bags at Jackson Mine Park will NOT move to the finish line until you let the volunteers know you are done with your drop bag. Please communicate, or you’ll need to go back to Jackson Park to get your drop bag.
  • 100-Mile, 50-Mile, 15-Mile, and Duathlon: Your drop bags will be moved from the start line to Jackson Park. When you’re done with your drop bag, tell volunteers it can be moved to the finish line.

200-mile out & back drop bags: Make sure to label them clearly

We will take a drop bag to the South Trails for you. They will be stored in a small white trailer. Make sure to get the combination during packet pickup. The drop bag will be moved from South Trails to Jackson Mine Park after the start of the 50-mile event Saturday morning.

You are allowed a second drop bag. This drop bag will be waiting for you at the Forestville Trailhead at the turn around. Volunteers will move this bag to Jackson Mine Park for you.

Duathlon Transition area: Jackson Park

  • Duathlon participants will ride approximately sixty-miles to Jackson Park. Have someone pick up your bike. We are not responsible for it and will not move it.
  • You will run the final forty-miles.
  • You will be provided a hard number plate for your bike, and a soft, fabric plate for the run.

About the LeMans and Le Bike

  • 100-Mile MTB begins with a free 1-mile run. Yes, you have to do it.
  • 100-Mile Run begins with a free 1-mile bike ride. Yes, you have to do it. You must wear a helmet. You must bring your own bike, or borrow one from someone, that’s on you

Out & Back Rules

  • 12:00PM Start from Cognition Brewing
  • 1stCutoff = Saturday @ 7:00am at the Forestville Trailhead
  • 2ndCutoff = Sunday @ 2:00am at Jackson Mine Park
  • *** Upon arriving at Forestville, you have an option. Turn and keep going, or rest. You must leave no later than 7:30am with the start of the 100-mile.

White’s Party Store:

They’re our source for all things party, stop by to say hi to Jamie while grabbing a six-pack of Blackrocks.
1001 N 3rd St, Marquette, MI 49855

Schedule of Events


Thursday, September 19th

  • Packet Pickup at Queen City Running Co, 119 W. Baraga Ave, Marquette, MI, for Out & Back, 100-Mile and 50-Mile Run.
  • Packet Pickup is open 5:00pm – 8:00pm EST.

Friday, September 20th

  • Out & Back leaves at 12:00pm in Ishpeming. Expect a spartan start. Meet outside Cognition Brewery, 113 E. Canda Street, Ishpeming, Michigan .
  • 100-Mile Run leaves at 12:00pm from Forestville. Be early. Don’t forget a bike for the Le Bike start. Plan to have someone take your bike, we are not responsible for it.
  • Packet Pickup at Westwood Mall, 3020 US-41 West, Marquette, Michigan for all events except Out & Back and 100-Mile Run. Packet pickup will run from 5:00pm – 8:00pm. Purchase Marji Gesick merchandise, meet our sponsors, take a moment to personally Blame Danny and Todd to their faces.

Saturday, September 21st

  • Out & Back Cutoff is 7:00am at Forestville.
  • Last-minute packet pickup available until one-hour prior to each race start.
  • 50-Mile Run leaves at 7:30am, Marquette Mountain, 4501 M-553, Marquette, Michigan.
  • 100-Mile MTB, Duathlon leaves at 7:30am, Forestville Trailhead, Marquette, Michigan.
  • 50-Mile MTB, 15-Mile MTB leaves at 9:00am, Marquette Mountain, 4501 M-553, Marquette, Michigan.
  • Finish Line open 12:00pm – 10:00pm. Food Trucks, Blackrocks and Cognition Beer Tent, Podiums, and a few buckles.
  • Mini-Marji finish line is at Jackson Park

Sunday, September 22nd

  • Jackson Park Cutoff – 2:00am *** Any remaining drop bags will be moved to the finish line.

GPX Files

These are the final 2019 final GPX files. Make sure you remove any old files and replace them with the most current release. Remember: GPS is your backup nav, not primary! You should only have to use it in the event something happened to course signage, or you end up in the Huron Mountains. Some users and web browsers have issues with GPX files. If you’re having issues call your techy friend who has done this before. Do not wait until race week to learn how to use your gear. Be prepared.

Questions? Call Todd.

If you still have questions after reading this page, the specific page for your event, and our FAQ page your best bet at locating missing information is by calling our Race Director, Todd Poquette, on his personal cell phone (day or night). Our small staff is not able to respond to every Facebook comment, message, tweet and email that we get. Word to the wise when calling Todd: no stupid questions.


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