JUNE 27-30, 2019


When we hatched this plan last year we had no idea the winter was going to be 10-months long, and we were not aware of the gas line project currently mucking things up around the South Trails in Marquette – so we’re going to improvise. We’re still camping at Rippling River, but we’re going to run rides, meals & speakers out of Jackson Park in Negaunee Friday and Saturday. Two large tents and extra toilets have been ordered to accommodate breakfast, dinner, speakers, and hanging out.

The good news? You’re going to have two solid days of riding the west-end, the most sadistic part of the race. If everything goes to plan you’ll get a chance to see all or most of what the west-end has to offer, including the last 15-miles. We hope to reserve Sunday for a rip around Harlow (for 100-milers), and Marquette Mountain (for 50-milers).

P.S. Did we mention Pine Knob is back in this year?



Get your Ti camp mug.
Fill it with beer.
Drink beer.


Report to Jackson Park at 8:00am for breakfast and an overview of the weekend.
Location: 199 Tobin ST, Negaunee, MI 49866 (the Marji Transition area).
Friday evening is yours after 5:00pm.


Report to Jackson Park at 8:00am for breakfast.
Saturday evening is yours after 5:00pm.


We’re going to ride but we want to see how the weekend goes.


  • Danny Hill
  • Todd Poquette
  • Matt Acker
  • Nick Afton
  • Carey Lowrey
  • Stacie Poquette


We provide breakfast and lunch on Friday & Saturday. You’re on your own for dinner both nights. 231 West and Velodrome will keep you fueled and riding all-day.

Recommended Equipment:

  • If you’re camping, don’t forget your gear.
  • Set up your rig for race day and use this weekend to shake it down
  • Bring a variety of clothing for a variety of potential weather conditions.
  • Bring rain gear.
  • You may want to consider knee pads, elbow pads.
  • GPS (pre-load the 100-mile or 50-Mile gpx)
  • Your favorite bug dope
  • Whiskey (if you’re old enough)

GPX Files

These are last year’s course files. Due to a variety of factors such as natural gas pipeline construction and property limitations there will be some minor changes to this year’s course. But this these are close enough for Marji Camp purposes. Some users and web browsers have issues with GPX files. If you’re having issues call your techy friend who has done this before.
Download the 2018 Marji Gesick 100 GPX file
Download the 2018 Marji Gesick 50 GPX file

Our Sponsors

We could not put on great events without great companies to support us. All of our partners have a commitment to adventure in the U.P. and contribute to make the event what it is today.