UPDATE: 6-22-2020

Basecamp/Check-In & Notes

  • Check-In between 3-8pm. (Look for Marji tents toward the center of Pioneer Circle).
  • We are camping at Rippling River Resort in South Marquette. Basecamp is defined as: the location within Pioneer Circle where you will check-in, pickup breakfast, and other amenities.
  • When you roll into camp, find us at basecamp. We’ll get ya checked-in, hand out shirts, name plates, stickers, buffs (assuming they get here), answer questions, and more.
  • Bottled water will be available at basecamp. We ask that you take four-bottles per day (Friday and Saturday). If we need to get more, we’ll get more.
  • Individual bags of chips
  • Cold beers in the evening Friday and Saturday.

Rippling River – Pioneer Circle Amenities

  • Remember: We ALL have to fit into Pioneer Circle. We’re gonna have to share space. Cool? Good.
  • Bathhouse and shared water-source, each site has 30amp electrical.
  • Main Office has a pool and hot tub, a bar, and small general store.
  • Complimentary wi-fi.


  • Thursday | 3-8 Check-In, 8-10 Night Ride
  • Friday | 7:30 Breakfast & Coffee, 9-12 Ride, 12-1 Lunch, 1-4 Ride, 8-10 Night Ride
  • Saturday | 7:30 Breakfast & Coffee, 9-12 Ride, 12-1 Lunch, 1-4 Ride
  • Sunday | Explore, head home


*** All meals will be delivered and served in individual meal boxes.


provided by 231 West, with coffee delivery from Velodrome Coffee (note: we will not provide cream and sugar, make your own damn mocha latte) Will be available for pickup at basecamp at 7:30 AM. Ham & Cheese croissants and homemade granola in each box. Grab coffee for the road.

Lunch provided by Outlanders.

Sandwiches and wraps, a pasta or potato salad, and potato chips*. Cookies too. Lunch will be delivered to your ride locations.

Group Gatherings, Community responsibility

We plan to disperse your groups around three primary meeting points, each offering great riding opportunities for you and the coaches. We’ll be in small groups and ask everyone to maintain social distance. We do not require the use of face coverings while you ride, but use em’ when you’re inside of six-feet. If you’ve been ill or suspect you have been exposed to someone who has been ill, we ask that you do not attend and will gladly credit your entry.

*** Maintain social distance while checking-in, and disperse back to your camp sites. Basecamp (where staff will be) is not intended to be a place to hang out this year.

Gear reminders

  • Your bike.
  • Your helmet.
  • Face covering (we’ll provide a buff).
  • Your shoes.
  • Lights (for night ride)
  • First Aid kit.
  • Camping gear.
  • Rain gear.
  • Layers.
  • Knee pads, elbow pads (optional).
  • GPS (with the 2019 file loaded)
  • Bug spray.
  • Supplemental food, hydration, and basic nutrition you need.

Volunteer Coaches

All of our coaches are volunteers, many of them traveling from a distance to be here this weekend. Some have finished Marji, and others have not. They’re here to share their experiences and help you get ready for Marji Gesick. Big thanks to the crew. Marji Camp couldn’t happen without you.

2019 Marji Camp Testimonial

” Everything was first class in typical Marji fashion. The organization was on point. The campground was awesome. The food was great (those sandwiches!!!). The speakers did a great job and were super helpful. I was spoiled and was in Danny’s group. I can’t imagine there is a better tour guide for those trails. I can’t think of one negative or anything I would have done differently. Kudos to you and your team. Great stuff, man. See you in September.”

It’s all about community.

While a lot of races out there are run by for-profit companies, that’s not the case for Marji GesickPolar Roll and The Crusher. All of our events are productions of the 906 Adventure Team, a 501(c)3 whose mission is to empower people to become the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure. We don’t have a large staff of people (two, to be exact) or significant overhead, and that enables us to donate a significant portion of race revenues in two ways:

  1. Since 2015, we’ve given back more than $125,000 to the trail-builders of RAMBA, NTN, Sisu Dirt Crews, WinMan and the DCNT.
  2. We also support youth adventure programs in three communities, investing over $35,000 this year alone in equipment, training, and gear to remove barriers for all kids. Our summer and after-school programs now have over 350 participants, and spots fill up as quickly as Marji Gesick. There is a need we’re trying to fill: to connect kids with their communities and get them off devices.

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