Store Closing Soon

Marji Gesick GEAR

We’re placing the final order for Marji Gesick Gear on Sept 26. That means that if you have not ordered your merchandise yet, this is your last chance to dance. Need a #FINISHER shirt? We got ya. Marji elevation profile? Yep. But you gotta tell us quick. Don’t be that guy who calls next month asking for something that doesn’t exist anymore (looking at you, Larry.)

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We’ve got multiple designs for you to choose from, the elevation profile of the event, a support crew option and even BAD DAY (the Ojibwe translation of Marji Gesick). Get ’em now because once the deadline has passed you’re past the cutoff and will be bummed.

It’s all about community.

We asked you to #adapt in 2020, and you did. Now we’re asking you to join us and #forge ahead. 2021 is about doing what you do best, making the most of what you have, and getting better every day.

While a lot of races out there are run by for-profit companies, that’s not the case for Marji Gesick, Polar Roll and The Crusher. All of our events are productions of the 906 Adventure Team, a 501(c)3 whose mission is to empower people to become the best version of themselves through outdoor adventure. We don’t have a large staff of people (two, to be exact) or significant overhead, and that enables us to donate a significant portion of race revenues in two ways:

Since 2015, we’ve given back more than $141,000 to the trail-builders of RAMBA, NTN, Sisu Dirt Crews, WinMan and the DCNT. We also support youth adventure programs in three communities and have plans for that number to grow in the near future.

In 2021 we’re building a learning management system to train 150+ volunteer Adventure Leaders, and have our eyes on the future: planning to grow from 500 youth served to thousands. Together with your continued support and a network of dedicated partners, we will connect kids with each other, their communities, and give them a healthy alternative to time spent on devices.