About The Marji Gesick

Now in our fifth year, the Marji Gesick challenges participants to, as we like to say, “Find your limits. Destroy them.”

We don’t think you can finish in less than 12-hours. Actually we have our doubts you can finish at all. Are you willing to sign the dotted line and take the Danny Hill Challenge? We have a course just itching to break ya.

Ride your bike a lot? That’s cute. We’ve watched a lot of big motors blow up in the first 30-miles. We have rocks up here that will eat your little rocks. Not kidding. Consider yourself a “technical rider”? You will find our definition of riding technical terrain and yours are not the same. On the bright side you’ll get a chance to find out if you enjoy riding in the dark – for hours.

If it sounds miserable that’s because it is. We want it to be. Danny designed the course to break you down and force you to ask yourself – What am I made of? Why am I doing this? Can I go on? And most importantly: How will I feel if I quit? Don’t come here to race. Come here to put yourself up against an experience that will change you. From the edges of failure spring life’s defining moments. We’ll be waiting at finish line to shake your hand and be part of yours.