The Marji Gesick 200

The out ‘n back. From the department of bad ideas.

200+ miles. 21,000 feet of climbing.

For those that need a larger challenge than the Marji Gesick 100 we offer the newest opportunity for personal exploration: 200+ miles of Upper Peninsula dirt, rocks and questionable choices. Only racers with a proven track record of ultra endurance events are eligible for consideration to this event.

Start in Ishpeming at the finish line. Follow the MG100 course backwards through the last 15, the RAMBA trails, the NTN south trails, Marquette Mountain, up Top of the World, and back to the start at Forestville.

Then turn around and do it all over again.

We’ll see you in Ishpeming. Maybe.

Self-Supported Ethos

You will be self-supported. There are no race operated aid stations. We will sign the course; however, signs fall down, people pull them down, bears eat them. You must be prepared to fend for yourself. Road rules apply. You will not find happy, smiling volunteers stopping traffic and waving your through – anywhere. You are on your own. If you finish expect to finish after dark. In the event of an emergency call 911. In recent years our community has developed a reputation for supporting Marji Gesick racers with “pop-up” aid stations. We are extremely lucky to live in an area where people care so much about other people. Our race team would like to share this word of caution: Pop-up aid stations are not operated by the race. They have no obligation to be there. There is no guarantee they will be in the same place this year or anywhere at all. We cannot stress enough – You are self-supported.

Take the Danny Hill Challenge (twice)

When we started the race in 2015 Danny said “No one will finish under 12-hours. I’ll give the first person who does $1.00.” You have 28-hours to claim your buckle.

The Buckle

Designed by local artist Gordon Gearheart our buckle has become synonymous with the definition of endurance and grit. The Marji buckle is as real and raw as the effort required to claim it. 200-Mile Mountain bikers finishing sub 28-hours will go home with hardware claimed by only a handful of people.


We will hide a yet to be determined number of checkpoints throughout the course. They will be directly on course and easy to recognize. You will not know where they are, or how many there are. To be considered a finisher competitors must have all of the tokens required for your event, and have them verified at the finish line by volunteers.

Drop Bags

Info to follow. We plan to offer a couple of drop bag points for Out & Backers.

Time cut-off

You have two time cut-off goals.

Forestville: Must get to Forestville by 7:00am and leave by 7:30am (with the 100-mile). Failure to do both will result in a DQ.

Jackson Park: Must leave by 2:00am, Sunday morning.



2:00 pm Congress Pizzas
106 N Main St
Ishpeming, Michigan 49849

Must reach Forestville by 7:00am
Racers have the option to rest, or turn and burn, but must be there by 7:00am and leave no later than 7:30am (with the 100-mile).

Finish Line/Celebration Zone
LOCATION: 106 N. Main Street, Ishpeming, Michigan, 49849.
The Marji Gesick Race Team will be headquartered here. Look for the 906 Trailer.

Jackson Park Cut-off is 2:00am, SUNDAY MORNING (on the way back)

There is no LeMans for the Out & Back
Cash Prize: First O&B Finisher will receive a $2.00 bill!